Derrybeg farm: sustainable agriculture managed by and for farm members

The aim of Derrybeg Farm is to integrate community and agriculture in a mixed, biodiverse, sustainable and environmentally responsible farm, managed for the benefit of everyone involved.

Are you interested in:

  • Good quality, organically grown and affordable local food, but don’t have time or space to grow your own?
  • Organic farming methods that increase biodiversity?
  • Investment in the local economy and community?
  • Supporting local employment?
  • Helping people who have not traditionally been involved in farming to work as farmers?
  • Food security for the locality in the future, especially as food prices rise in tandem with fuel prices?
  • Meeting other people in your locality who have similar interests?

Derrybeg farm provides all of these for the Celbridge / Maynooth / Leixlip / Lucan area.